The Proper Place Book Group 2019

The Proper Place

Sign up to join the Book Group! If you have good intentions of reading organizing books and never do, or you could use some accountability for more order in your life, this gathering is for you!

Hosted by Michelle Kuiken
Owner of The Proper Place, Organizer + Coach

March 12th at 8pm CST
The Book Group is virtual so you can join from any computer, tablet, or phone.

The featured book to read is:
Organizing from the Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern

This is a book gives foundational tips and insights into organizing and arranging your life, great for where ever you are at in your journey to more order, and more life. Morgenstern is a great teacher, author, and organizer! 

There is no cost to attend the group. You will need to obtain your own copy of the book via Amazon, the library, Kindle, or other store.

Benefits to participating:
  • accountability to read a foundational organizing book with a wide range of advice and strategies
  • great for people of all organizing levels (or lack there of!)
  • interact with others and learn from others
  • give you a boost to have a little more order and clarity in your life
  • no grading, no pressure, casual gathering
  • it's FREE! get insight from Organizer + Coach, the host of the group, Michelle Kuiken
Sign up now and read towards more order in your life!
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